\\ˌjibəˈrelə\ noun
Usage: capitalized
Etymology: New Latin, diminutive of Latin gibber hump on the back
: a genus of fungi (family Nectriaceae) having bluish perithecia cespitose or scattered on or around the stroma and occurring especially on cereal grasses often in association with various abnormalities (as kernel scabs, foot rot, or seedling blight) — see ear rot, pokkah boeng

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Gibberella /jib-ə-relˈə/
A genus of fungi found esp on grasses, eg wheat scab
ORIGIN: New L, dimin of L gibbus hump
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gibberellˈin noun
Any of several plant-growth regulators produced by a fungus of the genus
gibberellic /-elˈik/ acid noun
An acid having similar effects

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